Press upgrade cold overmolding PHN-1

Press cold pressing axle unit wheel pair PHN-1 is designed for cold pressing on the neck axis of the wheelset RU1-950, RU1Sh-957 according to GOST 4835 in axle-box assemblies with bearings with short cylindrical rollers, coaxial type bearings CRU DUPLEX and conic bearings of cassette type.

After the specialists of our company modernization, the press, PCN-1 performs the list functions:

  • press-kit labyrinth and inner bearing rings of axle unit wheel pair;
  • press-on axle unit in the assembled condition of the bearings with the axle box housing for freight and passenger car;
  • introduction of compact hydro power plants of low power (management which is performed by a programmable controller) to ensure energy savings.
  • device centering wheel pair relative to the axis of overmolding and turn the wheelset on 180град for overmolding of the second axle unit.
  • fully automatic npresence axle-box of node.

Press PHN-1 after the upgrade has got an automated control system with a display which shows: current status of functional units of the stand and the stage of the technological process of overmolding; schedule the efforts of the pressing in real time, which is compiled separately for each pressing; recommendations to the operator for the implementation of the technological process of overmolding.

The Upgraded system controls are provided:

  • creation and printing of the passport insertion (Chart insertion). Thus is the guarantee of observance of requirements of the insertion process, is not allowed to issue defective wheelsets in operation;
  • automatic and semi-automatic operation, which eliminates the possibility of operator error.

press Upgrade cold overmolding PHN-1

press Upgrade cold overmolding PHN-1