The equipment presented in this page has been designed, fabricated,
installed and commissioned by YugPromTekhMontazh

Specialized and custom industrial equipment

YugPromTekhMontazh partners with a number of businesses in mechanical engineering industry. Our main area of operations is mechanical engineering. The priority focus activity of the company is design of specialized custom industrial equipment, supply, assembly and installation, as well as warranty and post-warranty service and repairs.

YugPromTekhMontazh is a complete industrial complex for production of various specialized equipment. YugPromTekhMontazh offers its client the most advantageous conditions for cooperation. The company’s engineering and technical facilities, highly qualified staff, numerous R&D designs make it possible to design and produce most effective specialized equipment for industrial applications. We produce both standard, and a custom-made equipment product lines including inter-operational movement rigs.

The first phase of our work is to design specialized industrial equipment. Throughout this phase our designers use 3D modeling tools employing CAD Inventor software package and computational modules ANSYS and AMPWinMachin. With this advanced technology, the preliminary prototype of the designed element is created and visualized along with full-scale analysis of its capabilities and conformity to the required functionality. That is why the specialized equipment we design is tested as early as during the specific project design phase. Of course, during this work, we can utilize concept drawings provided by the client. They will serve as the main material for developing complete technical documentation for the component to be designed.

Within shortest time possible, the fabrication, delivery and further installation of the engineering equipment takes place. Finally, our client receives the product of high quality and extended service life. We have been able to achieve excellent results in our work owing to our longterm and successful practical experience in mechanical engineering. Optimal industrial management and solid engineering potential have played an important role as well. As a follow-up, we provide warranty and post-warranty service of our products.

Besides design and manufacture of special dedicated industrial equipment, YugPromTekhMontazh can execute integrated projects to client’s requirement. Notably, special-purpose industrial equipment may be fabricated according to the client’s documentation. We also implement projects in manufacturing process automation. We can also develop technical documentation with consideration of our client’s requests and the requirements specification, along with manufacture and further supply of specialized industrial equipment. YugPromTekhMontazh provides services in industrial equipment warranty and post-warranty maintenance and repairs.