Engineering and process equipment


The equipment presented in this page has been designed, fabricated,
installed and commissioned by YugPromTekhMontazh

Technological equipment: design, repair, spare parts.

JSC "YugPromTekhMontazh" manufactures processing equipment for mass processing of sheet metal and parts of it. Manufactured and assembled on site following production facilities: positioners, roller feed metal tilter, vertical roller conveyors feeding metal and tumblers. The company provides a full production cycle, from design, manufacture, sale, delivery, installation and commissioning of the process equipment.

Provides warranty and post-warranty service, repair of technological equipment, supplies spare parts for process equipment.

Positioners is continuously sorting and relaying sheet materials, as well as transfer them from one processing device to another. As a rule, the transfer sheets made changes in their spatial orientation. This can occur through a coup, as well as simple or biaxial rotation. By biaxial rotation sheet can successively move in space along two axes. Exposure changes usually discretely pitch angle of 90° or 180°. I.e., ultimately delivers the movable tilter material following the processing unit at a specific position.

Included in the rollers are arranged at a minimum distance, and working synchronously rotate. Thus, they can move the metal sheets (or any other process details) in the desired direction. Roller conveyors feeding metal tilter - more practical systems. Although they are quite narrow specialization. The virtue of the fact that they typically can produce relatively large transport distances than tilters. Simultaneously with the movement, they carry out the function of the desired orientation of the object.

Vertical roller conveyor feeding the metal on the principle of its action is not very different from the usual horizontal. Its use is justified in that, if a process requires vertical feed material for the next sheet processing apparatus. Vertical roller conveyor device is somewhat more complicated in comparison with the horizontal, as requires additional (supporting) rolls.

Tumbling drums used during the tumbling, i.e. machining and deburring of workpieces, scale remaining molding ground. During processing also improves the surface quality of the products. Applying various tumbling body (abrasives, etc.) can be achieved either surface cleanliness until polished.

Tumbling body and the workpieces are in constant movement relative to each other in the working space of the machine (drum). Devices for surface finishing on the variety, there are two types of motion: rotation of the drums and drums with shakers. In any case, vibratory finishing creates relative movement of workpieces and tumbling bodies, resulting in the quality of consumer units and parts at a higher level.

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