YugPromTekhMontazh, LLC operates own production facilities and complete equipment fleet for metal stock machining, welding, heat treatment, and cold working.

The production operations are divided into sections and comprise the following fleet of tools and equipment:

1. Mechanical area:

  • Screw-Cutting Lathes 1М63 (center-to-center distance: 2.8 m)
  • Screw-Cutting Lathes 1К62
  • Screw-Cutting Lathe 16К20
  • Screw-Cutting Lathe FT-11D
  • Knee Milling Machines 6М13P
  • Plane horizontal milling machines 6Р82
  • Universal Gear-Milling Machine 5D32
  • Slotting Machine, Franz Braun
  • Transverse Shaping Machine 7303
  • Transverse Shaping Machine 7307
  • Circular Surface Grinding Machine, Norton
  • Vertical Spindle Surface-Grinding Machine 3G71
  • Universal Cutter and Tool Grinding Machine 3D642Е
  • Universal Circular Surface Grinding Machine 3U10А
  • Jig Boring Machine 2Д450
  • Vertical Spindle Surface-Grinding Machine 3Д725
  • Universal Tool Milling Machine Х 8132
  • Rough Grinding Machine TSH-250
  • Cutter-Grinding Machine ТE-200
2. Fitting area:
  • Gate Shears А1864
  • Shearing Press Н5222А
  • Roll Bending Machine ИА2216
  • Folding Machine I1430
  • Upright Drilling Machines 2А135
  • Radial Drilling Machines 2М55
  • Radial Drilling Machine 2К52-1
  • Hydraulic Press D2430 (100 tnf)
  • Hydraulic Press PB6334 (250 tnf)
  • Gate Shears НК3418
  • Gate Shears НА3222Ф1
  • Rough Grinding Machine ТШ-600

3. Welding area:

  • Two-Operator Arc-Welding Transformer ВКСМ-1000
  • Arc-Welding Transformers ТДМ-505
  • Arc-Welding Transformer ВС-300
  • Semiautomatic Welding Machines А-547
  • Electrical Inverters ISTOK
  • Electrical Inverters KIND TIG315P
  • Electrical Inverters KIND TIG180P

4. Electrical area:

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Benches
  • Electrical Assembly Benches

5. Heat treatment area:

  • Electrical Hardening Furnace СНО-6.12.4/11
  • Electrical Tempering Furnace СНО-4.8.4/11